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Assembling the right team to build your new home can be complicated.  Is the builder qualified?  Is the architect qualified?  In a world full of conflicting information, it’s important to address the misconceptions.  Below I’ll outline 5 common misconceptions when it comes to the relationship between architects and builders.


Misconception #1:  if you have a builder, you don’t need an architect

I have some bias here, after all I am an architect.  However, I also know that I couldn’t exist without quality builders.  Without a talented builder, my ideas would fall flat and my designs would only exist on paper.  Yet the fact remains, homeowners are consistently convinced by builders to cut out the architect.

Why is this?  Well it most likely stems from fear of losing control.  When builders have a tried and true way of doing things, custom design might shake that up.  Why do you think there are so many houses that look exactly the same?  Even some “custom” home builders aren’t so custom.  Many even have a catalog of cookie cutter homes to choose from.  You can move things around here and there, but the house is far from being designed specifically for you.


Misconception #2:  architects are only for million dollar budgets

A homeowner hires an architect to be their design advocate regardless of budget.  Architects partner with homeowners’ vision as well as their spending capacity.  If the architect drives up project cost against the owner’s wishes, this would be in violation of their professional code of conduct.

I’ve designed homes at every price point you could imagine.  The only difference is I cater my services according to budget.  There’s no reason to settle for ill-conceived, cookie cutter designs just because you have a modest budget.


Misconception #3: Builders and Architects don’t work well together

The number one reason for job site conflict: Ego.  There should be a constant back and forth between the builder and architect.  While there may be frequent disagreements, as long as egos are checked at the door, resolutions can be found.

Sticky situations arise when architects think they can do the job of the builders, and conversely when the builders thinks they can do the job of the architects.  A successful project consists of equal give and take.  The sense of pride both the builder and architect get from a well executed custom home is second to none.  Yet this pales in comparison to the pride the homeowner gets from a custom home designed and built from a well coordinated team.

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Don’t settle for ill-conceived, cookie cutter designs just because you have a modest budget.

Misconception #4:  builders don’t care about design

I’ve never met a home builder who doesn’t take pride in what they do.  I’ve also never met a builder that doesn’t want to build something beautiful.  Builders who embrace the design role of architects consistently do better work than those who don’t.  Builder’s profit margins shouldn’t have to suffer either.  Top tier work doesn’t need come at the expense profit, it should simply strive for more creative solutions.

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Misconception #5:  you save money by using the builder’s in house design services

Across the board, the value of your home significantly increases when it’s designed by an architect.  This isn’t only because of good design, it’s because the architect advocates for the quality of your home.  There are more checks and balances with an architect on the team.  Architects keep the builder accountable for quality and the builder keeps the architect accountable for designing within reason.

At the end of the day, the money you spend on design services pays dividends when the project is complete.  Your family’s needs are better met and efficiencies are achieved.  Then if the times comes for resale, your home stands out in a market of houses that all look the same.


Still have questions about the relationship between Architects and Builders?  Don’t worry – just drop me a message with your question and we can schedule a free consultation!